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Fabio Bucciarelli is an award-winning photographer and journalist known for his documentation of conflicts and humanitarian consequences of war. Fabio spent the last years covering the major world changing events in Africa, Middle East and Europe. He reported from Libya - from the beginning of the civil war until the death of Gaddafi - from Syria - during the bloodiest battle of Aleppo - from Rojava and Iraq and from the African forgotten countries including South Sudan and Mali. Fabio feels the urgency to tell the stories of people who are rendered powerless and provide unbiased information focused on human rights.

In 2013 his coverage of the Syrian war was recognized with the Robert Capa Gold Medal awarded by the Overseas Press Club of America. Fabio has also been prized by World Press Photo, Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Pictures of The Year International, Best of Photojournalism, Days Japan International, Sony International Photography Award, Master Report Award and Ponchielli Prize between other awards and citations.

Before becoming a photographer in 2006 Bucciarelli received the MS in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico of Turin. In 2007 he won "Master dei Talenti" an Engineering grants program which offered him to work in Barcelona. From 2009 Bucciarelli left his work as engineer to devote himself entirely to photography. In the same year Fabio started working as staff photographer for the International agency La Presse/Ap. Two of years later Bucciarelli left the agency to dedicate his attention fully to documentary photography collaborating for 2 years  - 2010/2011 - with the Italian agency LuzPhoto.

In 2011 Fabio started to write dispatches for Italian newspapers. A year later he wrote with Stefano Citati "The Smell of the War", a book on the Libyan Civil War. His chronicles of conflicts were  also featured in other publication including TIME Magazine and Al Jazeera.

In 2015, with other committed photographers, Bucciarelli founded MeMo, a cooperative whose aim is to push the boundaries of storytelling. In 2016 MeMo has become a recognized network for freelancer - working manly in education and exhibition - with his Turin's headquarter the "Factory".

In 2016, after a successful crowd-funding campaign along the New York based publisher FotoEvidence, Fabio publishes the book The Dream, a long term project started in 2011 and developed in more than 11 countries on the refugee crisis. The Dream is an emotional journey through the human condition, a state of being devoid of a reference point, an authorial narrative experiment set between photojournalism and conceptual photography. The same year The Dream has been recognized by TIME Magazine among the best photo-books of the year.

Nowadays Fabio works as freelancer for international agencies, newspapers and magazines including  AFP, Newsweek, The New York Times, BBC, CNN, TIME Magazine, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and Observer, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, Paris Match, M Le Monde, El Pais, Stern, Die Zeit, Internazionale, La Stampa, Il Reportages, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Repubblica between others. He also collaborates with several No-Governamental Organisations (NGOs) and International agencies such as Emergency, Unhcr and Icrc.

Bucciarelli's images have been exhibited, with solo and group exhibitions, in museum and galleries worldwide and his artworks appears in several collections.  He is represented by De Chirico Gallery (Italy) and his images are frequently shown in International Art Fairs including Photo London, AIPAD New York, MIA Milano, Photo Basel and Maco Mexico City.

Alongside Bucciarelli's committed work as photographer and journalist, in recent years he has been assigned to work as a curator and Artistic Director from several Museum and institution including the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



2018:         Days Japan International Photojournalism Award - Public Prize
2017:         Best of Photojournalism (BOP) - HM Portrait
2017:         Picture of the Year International (POYi) - Award of Excellence, Portrait
2016:         Best PhotoBooks of 2016 by TIME Magazine - The Dream
2016:         Picture of the Year International (POYi) - 1st prize, General news
2015:         Premio Derechos Humano de España - 1st prize, MeMo Magazine
2015:         Leica Oskar Barnack Award - finalist
2015:         FotoEvidence Book Awards - finalist
2015:         NPPA - Best of Photojournalism (BOP) - HM Contemporary Issue
2015:         Pictures Of the Year International (POYi) - Award of Excellence, Issue Reporting Story
2014:         Best of Photojournalism (BOP) - HM Photographer of the Year & HM Contemporary issue
2014:         PDN's 30 - recipient
2013:         The Robert Capa Gold Medal - winner
2013:         World Press Photo - 2nd prize Spot News Story
2013:         Prix Bayeux-Calvados des correspondants de guerre - 1st prize
2013:         Pictures Of the Year International (POYi) - 2nd prize, News picture story
2013:         World Report Award (Master Award) - 1st prize
2013:         Premio Amilcare Ponchielli - 1st prize
2013:         Sony World Photo Award - 3rd prize - Current Affairs
2013:         Leica Oskar Barnack Award - finalist
2013:         FotoEvidence Book Awards - finalist
2012:         IPA & Top Pics by Country - 1st prize, category war/conflict
2012:         Kuala Lumpur International PhotoAwards - 1st prize, Portrait Category
2012:         Professional Photographer of  the Year - 1st prize, Editorial News Category
2012:         Sony World Photography Award  - Finalist, Current Affairs



2018:        No War No Peace,  MAG Alto Garda, Italy
2017:        The Dream, Mudima Lab Gallery, Milan, Italy
2017:         Festival Fotografia Etica, Lodi, Italy
2016:        Street Art Installation, The Dream, Pineto, Italy
2016:        The Dream, De Chirico Contemporary, Turin, Italy
2016:        The Dream, Synthesis Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria
2016:        The Dream at the Bronx Documentary Center, New York
2015:        Battle to Death, Fondazione Carispezia Spazio32, La Spezia, Italy
2015:        Solo exhibition, Maiores Nostri, Ron Lang Art Gallery, Amsterdam
2015:        Fabio Bucciarelli & Manu Brabo - SIRIA - Niemeyer Centre - Spain
2014:        MAIORES NOSTRI, De Chirico Contemporary, Torino, Italy
2014:        EVIDENCE, Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico (Trento), Italy
2014:        Battle to Death, Belvedere Gallery, Milan, Italy
2013:        EVIDENCE at Fondazione Sandretto Re Reabaudengo, Torino
2013:        Battle to Death at Museo dell'Emigrante, San Marino
2012:        EVIDENCE - White Gallery Trento (Museo Storico del Trentino)
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, Palazzo Medici, Firenze
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, Premio Ilaria Alpi, Riccione, Italy
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, Spazio Morini & Arezzo Wave 2012, Arezzo, Italy
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, Gallerie di Piedicastello,  Trento, Italy
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, Rovereto, Italy



2018:        MareNostrum, Madrid Photo Fest, Spain
2017:        MareNostrum, Niemeyer Centre, Spain
2017:        MareNostrum, Niemeyer Centre, Aviles, Spain
2017:        Biennale Democrazia, Esodi e Conflitti, Turin, Italy
2016:        MareNostrum, Museo Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza
2015:        Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Firenze, Italy - Ponchielli Prize winners
2015:        BUKRA INSHALLAH - curator & photographer, Blue Project Foundation, ES
2014:        FIRST GLOBAL WAR - curator & photographer, White Gallery Trento, Italy
2013:        Battle to Death, VII Gallery, NY
2013:        Battle to Death, Festival della Fotografia Etica, Lodi, Italy
2013:        Screening "Battle to Death" project at Visa pour l'image, Perpignan
2012:        A World Elsewhere: group Exhibition at Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) - UK
2012:        Foto8 Gallery, London, UK
2012:        Wherehouse Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012:        Uprising in Athens, Somerset House, London, UK
2012:        The Print Space, London, UK



2018:        MIA Art Fair, Milan, Italy
2017:        Photo Basel International Art Fair
2017:        PhotoLondon, London, UK
2017:        AIPAD Fair, New York
2017:        MIA Art Fair, Milan, Italy
2016:        MIA Art Fair, Milan, Italy
2016:        Zona Maco, Mexico City, Mexico
2015:        MIA Art Fair, Milan, Italy



2017:         Kilimangiaro | RAI3
2017:         Lectio Magistralis at Master of Journalism, Turin, Italy
2017:         Biennale Democrazia, Torino, Italy
2016:         TEDx Milano
2016:         Ca'Foscari University, Venice, Italy
2016:         Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, Italy
2016:         Bronx Documentary Center, New York
2015:         Memory in Motion. Frontline Club, London
2014:         Che Tempo Che Fa | RAI3
2014          Entrepreneurs for Social Change 2014 by UNAOC & Fondazione CRT
2013:         Photojournalism: World Press Photo & Magnum Photo | Teatro Regio, Torino, Italy
2013:         Syria: Changhing Media Coverage? | Frontline Club, London
2013:        "The Human cost of News Gathering" | American University of Paris
2013:        "A Day Without News"| VISA pour l'image, Perpignan
2013:        Panel at John Cabot University about the new role of the photojournalist (organized by Nppa)
2012:        L'Odore della Guerra, a book write with Stefano Citati, Edited by Aliberti
2012:        Lecture "War Journalism"at Festival della TV e dei New Media, Dogliani
2012:       "War Journalism"at Festival della TV e dei New Media, Dogliani



2016:         The Dream - published by FotoEvidence
2015:         The Gold Medals - published by Contrasto
2015:         10 fotografi, 10 storie, 10 anni. Premio Ponchielli. Edited by Contrasto
2012:         L'Odore della Guerra, published by Aliberti




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