The Border Wall

Thousands of migrants have arrived at the US-Mexico border city of Tijuana after traveling more than 4,000 km from their home countries in Central America. Most of them are fleeing persecution, poverty and violence in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and are looking for a safer and better life in...

American Chimera

Crossing the wall between Mexico and the US and entering America has become the hope of a new life for different generations of Central American migrants, fleeing from organized crime, persecution and violence. On the afternoon of December 1st, Mirna, Fabiola, Xinia and Dariella with their children, a small part...

The Great March of Return

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Nakba ("Catastrophe") when in 1948 more than 750.000 Palestinian were forced to leave their native lands. Today in Gaza hundred thousand of refugees still waiting for their right of return. What’s behind the deadly Gaza protests? Photo and video: Fabio Bucciarelli for Yahoo News | Text:  Ben Manson for Yahoo...


On October and November 2017 I went back to Barcelona, this time to cover the Catalan movement for independence from Spain working for AFP and for the italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.   

Famine and cholera in south sudan

After 22 years of war against the North of the country, which ended in 2005, and a transition phase which lasted five years, in July 2011 South Sudan won its independence, through a national referendum which lead it to become the world’s youngest state and the 193th of the United...


South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 2011 becoming the world newest country as the outcome of an agreement that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war. The independence did not bring conflict in South Sudan to an end.    

Defeating IS in Libya

I was in Libya for the first time at the beginning of the civil war, in February 2011. In 2016 I went back to Sirte cover the conflict against the Islamic State.   

The Dream

This photographs were taken from 2011 to 2016 in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, France and Greece.

Dreaming Europe

Dreaming Europe, a body of work whose intimate, subtle portraits document refugees as they find a moment of peace on their long and grueling journey.

Things they Carried

"Things they carried" shows images of the objects found among the migrants died while crossing the Mediterranean.

Grand Refugee Hotel

During summer months, Turks and Arabs on holiday crowd the Turkish port of Mersin. But in the last few years, hotels on Mersin’s waterfront have become home to a different kind of traveler.

Abruzzo Earthquake

On April, 6th at 3.32 am, a 6.2 tremor with an epicentre between Onna and L'Aquila hit Abruzzo. Many buildings were damaged, and many historic buildings collapsed, causing the death of 307 people and the evacuating of 80.000 in over 100 tents camp.

War in Donbass

During May 2014 I've been traveling for the first time in Easter Ukraine to document the conflict between pro-Russian fighters and Ukrainian sodiers.


Maiores Nostri is a reportage whose aim is to rediscover the ancestral human life, out of society and in close connection with nature.

On the Brink of an Abyss

South Sudan split from Sudan in 2011 as a part of a peace deal that ended decades of war. But Ethnic violence has plagued the new country.

Floods in Gaza

During December 2013 a strong torrential rain hit Gaza, causing a flood where more than 5,000 people were evacuated from their homes and hosted in temporary shelters without electricity or toilets. The winter storm, called Alexa exacerbated the drastic situation of Gaza's 1.8 million people.


In October 2013 I spent 3 weeks in Kurdistan, just days before Iraq closed its border with Syria. I stayed most of time in a Syrian section called Rojava, which 2 milion Kurds call home and where a de facto Kurdish government was established just one month afterward.

Prisoners of their own mind

Défilé de Beudet Hospital represents one of the two crumbling psychiatric facilities in Haiti. The current hospital's conditions don't allow patients to receive the necessary treatments and let them live as caged animals, prisoners of their own minds.


Between the end of May and the whole month of June 2013, Turkey faced the largest anti-government protest since the AKP takeover, more than a decade ago.

The War in Mali

In January 2013 France announced its military intervention in Mali to reclaim territory seized by Islamist rebels. As French airstrikes drove militants back and ground troops reclaimed town after town, I traced their advance from the country's western front line to the north.

Battle to Death

'Battle to death' documents the epicenter of the Syrian civil war in the streets of the northern city of Aleppo where residents suffered a brutal human toll from daily fighting.

Dispatches from South Sudan

In June 2012 I went to South Sudan to document the challenges the country was facing after its declared independence: millions of displaced people hoping to return home, 50 years of neglected infrastructure, massive food shortage.

Libyan Civil War

The Libyan revolution began on February the 17th, in the wake of the riots that in 2011 changed the Arab world. In contrast with what happened in Tunisia and in Egypt, in a few weeks the Libyan Revolution became a civil war, a conflict that claimed more than 30,000 dead...

Post Mubarak Elections

The Egyptian Revolution brought Hosni Mubarak's regime to an end and caused his flee from the country. However the Egyptians continued to demonstrate, accusing the new government of persevering with Mubarak's politics and urging the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to hand over power to a transitional civilian government.

Uprising in Athens

On the 28th, 29th of June Greek citizens went on 48 hours general strike in the main squares of the largest cities in the country.

Workshop Prothesis

Mae Tao Clinic run by Maw Keh - ex Karen warrior - provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. Maw Keh calls this department 'Workshop Prosthesis'.

Burmese Ping Pong Exodus

In November 2010 about 20,000 Burmese refugees escaped from the armed conflicts between Burmese army and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DBKA) happening Karen State by crossing Thai - Burmese border. The 8th November's one was 2010's biggest Burmese refugees' exodus.

The Longest Ongoing War

About 40% of Burma's population belongs to ethnic groups. Karen are roughly 7% of Burmese population, approximately 50 million of people. Karen people are represented by Karen National Union (KNU), a political organization with an armed wing, Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), that has been fighting the Burmese government since 1949 in the world longest ongoing conflict.

Nose Job

Iran is the first country by number of nasal plastic surgeries, or Nose Jobs. Walking in Iranian cities, it is common to spot young middle class people showing the typical signs of a nose job. What apparently is an aesthetic value, reveals indeed the strong conflicts of the Iranian society.

Iranian Generation

In the last 30 years, many changes affected the Islamic republic of Iran. Starting from 1979’s revolution, and the creation of a new republic, the Sharia, a word from the Koran, became the only law. In this day and age Iran is a country of great contrasts, where western countries' values increasingly sneaked in and merged with Islam, under the pressure of global policies.

Trans Asia Express

Turkey and Iran are connected by the Trans Asia Express, a train that leaves from Istanbul, crosses Western Iran, and, almost 3000 kilometers and 66 hours later, ends up in Tehran.