Libyan Wish featured on Verve Photo

August 10, 2012

Libyan Wish, the picture of the libyan revolutionary soldier sitting in the rocket muonted in the desert near in Sirte, has been featured in Verve Photo.

“In 2011, I spent three months in Libya covering the war. From the beginning, before the NATO actions, passing from the fall of Tripoli, until its end, when Gaddafi was captured and killed in Sirte. During the final siege of Sirte, a few days after covering the fighting, I came back from the front line and was searching for something to photograph that would help explain the spirit of the Libyan conflict. An image that was different from the thousands of others depicting the cruelty and inhumanity of war. A few hundred meters from the fire I saw a revolutionary soldier wearing a military hat similar to those worn by Gaddafi’s military looking at the horizon while sitting on a rocket mounted on a pickup in the desert near Sirte. The pride in his expression was iconic, telling of the weariness of war and the deep hope for a change. A freedom denied for so many years.”