Robert Capa Gold Medal Award 2013

May 6, 2013

The Robert Capa Gold Medal is awarded to a photographer producing “photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.

From Overseas Press Club Of America: The images from this portfolio put you “in the moment” and have a palatable sense of urgency. There is a consistency to the images that helps the viewer identify with the subjects and the perils they are encountering. Syria has been one of the deadliest locations for journalists since the beginning of this armed conflict and this photographer embodies the finest values of the Capa Award in this collection of images.

It’s a real pleasure to receive the Robert Capa Gold Medal for the work I did in Syra, Aleppo during September / October 2012. During the last months the attention for Syria has decreased. The international media seems to be no interested on what is going on in the country…but the war still there and kills hundreds of people every month. Thanks to this prize and other great journalism awards the attention on Syria has grow up again. This is the most important thing. 

This prize is for all the people the fight for their freedom.



from TIME LightboxSince 1948, the Overseas Press Club of America has recognized photographers and photojournalists for exceptional photographic reportage. On Wednesday night, the OPC will announce the four winners of the organization’s annual prizes.

This year, Italian photojournalist Fabio Bucciarelli was recognized for Battle to Death, his project recording the harrowing battles in Aleppo in late 2012. “The battle for the conquest of Aleppo is a real massacre,” he told TIME. “It’s a pleasure to see my work recognized with such a significant prize, and see my name listed next to great photographers like James Nachtwey, Larry Burrow, Horst Faas and Eugene Smith. But the real pleasure is to spread what is going on in Syria and to have documented the lack of human rights in the country.”