The Magazine – WPO

August 17, 2013

From The Magazine – WPO. Issue 3: Photojournalism: Fabio Bucciarelli is an award-winning documentary photographer whose work focuses on conflict and the human consequences of war. He shares his work with us, following two extremely volitile conflicts in the past two years – Libya and Syria.

The point for journalists, for photographers, I think is that the camera works like a filter between reality and you. There’s no reason for me to be covering the war without a camera because I can’t bring all this pain. When I’m there, I’m trying to document what is going on, trying to bring visibility to the situation of the war. This is my job.

But after that when I come back and try and edit the picture, all the feelings come back out again. When I’m working there, I’m like a messenger of information. I’m here to try and document what is going on. I’m using the camera to filter the reality. My way to help the people is documenting what is going on there.