‘The Dream’ Crowdfunding

October 29, 2015

Today starts Fabio’s Crowdfunding campaign for ” The Dream ” – an amazing editorial project developed together with FotoEvidence Press. The book will collect all the work Fabio has been doing since 2011, documenting intimately the stream of refugees and migrants fleeing conflicts.
It represents an important document about the largest refugee migration since the Second World War; but also a very intimate look into stories of desperation, sorrow, pain of loss, and even happiness and hope.

“The Dream” is an emotional journey of the human condition, a state of being devoid of a reference point. Without a dream to sustain them, the people who make up this remarkable and unprecedented stream of humanity could never endure the torturous journey in search of a refuge, peace and new beginning.

To become a reality The Dream needs your help! Follow the link and support if you can!

Have a look at Time LightBox and at the Huffington Post to know more!