Interview for Time – The Dream book

June 26, 2016

I’m very pleased to announce that after 8 months of hard work, my book The Dream has finally been published. Here you can read the first interview released to TIME Lightbox.

The book is availables here.

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Olivier Laurent: The first thing you notice with The Dream is the unusual choice of packaging. It’s stored in a lifejacket bag. Why did you decide to do this?

Fabio Bucciarelli: The special edition of The Dream is inserted in a “book vest” made by refugees and migrants with the life jackets they used to reach Europe. During the last year, the life jacket has become one of the symbols of this huge crisis. It’s the evidence of the great exodus, a piece of contemporary history that, over time, will become historical memory.

The concept behind this choice is the desire to offer a multi-sensorial experience focused on the humanitarian crisis, preparing the reader to a more intimate view of the book. The need to propose a real, concrete and tactile object runs in parallel with the aim to emphasize the reality of the migrant crisis and strengthen the relationship with the protagonists of the story.