World Press Photo 2020

March 29, 2020

There are stories that have a special value, that you feel inside more than others. In 2019 “Cile Despertò’ with his men and women for the first time after the dictatorship with ongoing massive demonstrations: they rose up together against social injustices, against the huge gap between rich and poor, against gender inequality, against privatizations and the individualism of the neoliberal economic system.

I had the opportunity to document this important process of change and today that the work has been recognized with the World Press Photo, I want to thank the (many) people who have helped me to develop the work. Without them this could have never been done. 

As always, thanks to Marco Damilano of L’Espresso, one of the best editor in chief I have the pleasure to work with, and last but not least to the alchemist Joan Roig, Maite Llasera and to Malcom& Sony Italia for the support – and the equipment that got shattered! – Congrats to all the nominees, see you in A’dam, Ad Maiora!

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