Lucie Professional Impact Award 2021

January 22, 2021

I’m very proud and happy to be the recipient of this year Lucie Impact Professional Award. I’m extremely grateful to all the people met along the way who helped me to understand better these hard times. I will never stop thanking all the families who opened their doors to me and let me enter into their life to tell their intimate stories of resilience.

Thanks go to allThe New York Times team for the important work and for trusting me along this journey

Gaia Tripoli. David Furst. Jason Horowitz, Emma Bubola. Big up to Joan Roig & Maite Llasera for your continuous support and precious work.
In 2018 the Lucie Impact Award honored John Moore for his work on immigration. His powerful image on the cover of Time Magazine, of a Honduran child clinging to her mother’s legs, humanized the plight of separated families seeking asylum at our borders. Although family separation had been going on for some time, this seminal image mobilized the nation. In 2019 Tyler Hicks received the Lucie Impact award for the Image of Amal Hussain, a young Yemeni girl who died at the age of 7. Hicks, while working for the NY Times on a story of the Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War, took that image, which drew international attention to the country’s plight. These images make a difference as they bring awareness to issues and influence policies.

On January 28th at 5PM EST there will be a live Zoom Presentation featuring
The Lucie Impact Award Honorees Fabio Bucciarelli and Malike Sidibe in conversation.
This conversation will be moderated by, Andrew Katz, Deputy Director of Photography, TIME