Abruzzo Earthquake

Italy 2009 - 2014

On April, 6th at 3.32 am, a 6.2 tremor with an epicentre between Onna and L’Aquila hit Abruzzo. Many buildings were damaged, and many historic buildings collapsed, causing the death of 307 people and the evacuating of 80.000 in over 100 tents camp. The earthquake was felt throughout Abruzzo, as far away as Rome, other parts of Lazio, Marche, Molise, Umbria and Campania.The tearing sismic shake has not been isolated. From November 2008 citizens living in the neighbouring of the region capital have been feeling landslides. Many buildings, including the Hospital and the Students House of L’Aquila, did not hold on to the earthquake, and now are under investigation of the magistrate in charge with a construction not according to law (sand has been found in the piling). Thousands of people are homeless and do not know how long will they have to live in the tents put together by the Civil Protection. Five years is the predicted time to clear L’Aquila from the rubbles of April, estimated in 1,5 millions of cubic metres.