Iranian Generation

Iran 2009

In the last 30 years, many changes affected the Islamic republic of Iran. Starting from 1979’s revolution, and the creation of a new republic, the Sharia, a word from the Koran, became the only law. In this day and age Iran is a country of great contrasts, where western countries’ values increasingly sneaked in and merged with Islam, under the pressure of global policies. Current international changes may also impact this internal scenario. The election of Barack Obama as the new president of USA might help to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, as long as the Iranian government proves to be willing to end its nuclear campaign. 2010, both the 30th anniversary of the revolution and the year of Iran’s tenth presidential elections was a turning point in the history of this country. 12 of June 2009 was held presidential election where was expressed irregularities during the vote. European Union, United Kingdom and USA have doubted about the authenticity of the results. Protests in favour of Mousavi and against the alleged fraud, broke out in Tehran and many people was killed in the several demostrations. Supreme leades Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the nation have to be unite with Ahmadinejad, labeling his victory as a ”divine assessment”. Marking the 30th is a vision about Iranian society and his contrats that after the 2009 June revolution is finalized to grow.