Poster | Marking the 30th #01


Dive into our carefully curated collection of posters showcasing iconic images from the Fabio Bucciarelli archive, each personally signed by the photographer. These posters, measuring 70cm x 50cm, are printed on premium paper, ensuring a high-quality presentation that captures the essence and detail of each image.


This image is part of the series “Marking the 30th” a project developed in Iran bin 2009. 

In the last 30 years, many changes affected the Islamic republic of Iran. Starting from 1979’s revolution, and the creation of a new republic, the Sharia, a word from the Koran, became the only law. In this day and age Iran is a country of great contrasts, where western countries’ values increasingly sneaked in and merged with Islam, under the pressure of global policies. Marking the 30th is a vision about Iranian society and his contrats that after the 2009 June revolution is finalized to grow.

The artwork is delivered unframed and signed.  

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