Poster | The Dream #02


Dive into our carefully curated collection of posters showcasing iconic images from the Fabio Bucciarelli archive, each personally signed by the photographer. These posters, measuring 70cm x 50cm, are printed on premium paper, ensuring a high-quality presentation that captures the essence and detail of each image.


Portrait of a Syrian refugee family just landed after reaching, on a rubber boat from Turkey, the village of Skala Sykaminias located on the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos, on October 9, 2015. For many thousands of refugees and migrants heading to Europe from the Middle East, the long route to a new life lies through Greece and the Western Balkans with the ultimate destination in Germany and other northern EU countries.

The photo has been taken with an hand made pinhole camera, Pinolina, built and designed ad-hoc according  the photographer needs. The choice of using a pinhole camera is meant to de-contextualize an over-documented topic by providing iconic images and evoking the emotional element that characterizes the dream of the humanity making up this huge exodus.

The artwork is part of the multiplatform project “The Dream”. The book (Fotoevidence, New York, 2015) has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the best photo books of the year and reportage has been awarded the first prize at Picture of the Year International, World Understanding Award. The Dream Project has been exhibited in International fairs including Aipad New York, Photo London, and Milan’s MIA, and shown in a solo exhibition at New York Bronx Documentary Centre and Sofia’s Synthesis Art Gallery.

The artwork is delivered unframed and signed.  

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