Poster | The Libyan War


Dive into our carefully curated collection of posters showcasing iconic images from the Fabio Bucciarelli archive, each personally signed by the photographer. These posters, measuring 70cm x 50cm, are printed on premium paper, ensuring a high-quality presentation that captures the essence and detail of each image.


Revolutionary fighter sits on a rocket mounted on a pickup in the desert near Sirte, Libya, October 2011. 

Fabio Bucciarelli has been working in Libya since the first stages of the civil war in 2011 until the death of Gheddafi. He later went back to the country to document the fighting against Daesh.

The photo is part project “ The Libyan War” and it appears in the book “L’odore della guerra (2012, Aliberti, Italy). The artwork has been exhibited in Barcelona at The Blue Project Gallery and in International art fairs including Milan MIA and DF Mexico Zona Maco. 

The artwork is delivered unframed and signed.  

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