The Great March of Return #01

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  • Limited Edition of 7: 100[cm] X 66.6[cm]
  • Limited Edition of 7: 60[cm] X 40[cm]
  • Archival 100% Cotton FineArt Print
  • Signed Artwork 
  • Certificatre of Authenticity 


Photo Caption: A Palestinian man is seen during the “Great March of Return” protests at Gaza’s Eastern Jabalya border with Israel on April 20, 2018. 

On March 30, 2018, thousands of Palestinians started a public wave of protests known as the “Great March of Return” aimed to break the Israeli siege of Gaza Strip and to uphold the Palestinian right to return to their homeland. Originally scheduled to last until May 15 – Nakba Day – protests continued well beyond that date. Every Friday for several weeks in a row after prayers, thousands of Palestinians have filled Israeli border areas to break barbed wire and cross the border. The demonstrators, armed with slingshots, rocks and incendiary kites, were opposed by Israeli IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldiers armed with tear gas and real bullets. Since the beginning of the demonstrations, at least 210 Palestinians have been killed in the besieged coastal enclave and there have been over 18,000 people injured according to health officials in Gaza.

The artwork is delivered unframed, with the signed certificates of authenticity included. The photograph is printed in the archival 100% Cotton FineArt paper Epson Hot Press Bright White 310gsm, selected for every body of work, using the highest quality archival inks.

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