• The book has a print run of 1,100 copies and spans 180 pages. It includes 91 photographs, both analog and digital, and 5 field reportages by the author. The black and white photos are printed in trichrome, while the color photos use a four-color process.

  • The Dream is a hardcover book measuring 24 x 33 cm, 180 pages with black and white images alternating with diptychs, assemblages, and color pictures. Recognized by Time Magazine one of the best photo books of 2016. Published FotoEvidence, New York 2016.

  • The Dream Special Edition features a unique cover made from life jackets left behind by refugees on the beaches of Lesbos Island. Each book cover is hand-sewn by refugees residing at the Pipka Solidarity Refugee Centre. Published by FotoEvidence, New York 2016.

  • Fabio Bucciarelli & Stefano Citati

    Libya 2011